Information for referees

All participants will arrive on Friday from 4.00 pm to 10.00 pm and check in. The rest of the day and the evening is at free disposal. 

First games of the tournament will start on Saturday at 9.00 am. The last games of the tournament will end on Monday at about 2.30 pm. 

In case you need any further information please contact Kathi Ambrosius who is in charge for the referees.


You will be sleeping in classrooms, which is reserved for referees only. Bring a sleeping bag or something like that. We are very sorry, but we cannot offer any accommodation in a hotel. The tournament area has only a very limited number of guest rooms. Feel free to organize something on your own. 

Accommodation instructions

Accommodation instructions for referees (pdf)


Eeach referee will be paid 8.00 Euro per game. There won't be paid a travel allowance anymore.

Your money will be transfered to your bank account after the end of the tournament. In special cases you will have the option to be payed cash on Monday at the Finals.


As a participant in the tournament you get a free guest card, which authorizes you to use the bus shuttle service from gym to gym as well as to get meals in the Players Lounge. Meals start with breakfast on Saturday and end with lunch on Monday.

You will get the meals at the Players Lounge.

We will try to plan the schedule that way that each of you will be able to get at least two of those three meals. We will find individual solutions in case you cannot make it in time.