Tribute to the best referees

Since the referees are a very important part of our tournament, we would like to express a special thanks to them and show appreciation.

In the half-time of the women's and men's final match on Monday, the honors of the best referee as well as the best rookie referee of this year's Pentecost Tournament will take place.

Honor 2022

Here you can find the names of the referees who got honored at the last Pentecost Tournament:

Best referee: Ömer Sarioglu (Wien)

Best rookie referee: Linus Janzen (Berlin)

Honor 2019

Best male referee: Bas Hendriks (NL)

Best female referee: Sofie Englisch (Jena)

Best rookie referee: Jakob Schmieg (Berlin)

Honor 2018

Best male referee: Markus Wende (SH)

Best female referee: Inger Treu (Hamburg)

Best rookie referee: Jonathan Kriwet (Berlin)

Honor 2017

Best male referee: Kenneth Campàs (Spain)

Best female referee: Celine Nguyen (Hamburg)

Best rookie referee: Richie Wiesmann (Berlin)