Important rules

Also this year, the District Office Steglitz-Zehlendorf has kindly provided several schools and sports halls to accommodate the participants and for the game operation. With the proper use of these facilities, the possibility of re-performing the Whitsun tournament stands or falls.

Guest card as a requirement

The stay in the accommodation is only allowed to tournament participants, who are in possession of the guest card A or B and can present it to the inspectors upon request. The tournament management will carry out checks and reserves the right to take further measures.

Deposit (accommodation) for each crew with guest card

For each participating team with guest cards, a deposit of 50 EURO must be deposited in the tournament office upon arrival. On Mondays, all accommodations must be cleaned and vacated by 10:00. Before the final departure, the supervisor makes sure that the rooms are in good condition and pays the deposit back against receipt.

The deposit will not be refunded in the tournament management, but with the respective caretaker or the guard!

cleaning of the accommodations

All participants are required to keep the premises clean. Cleaning equipment and garbage bags are to be obtained at the supervision.

Eating food and drinks

Smoking or the consumption of alcohol as well as the consumption of meals in the accommodation and sports halls are strictly prohibited. Barbecuing is prohibited throughout the school grounds.

Avoidance of noise / disturbances

Adequate behavior of all tournament participants and teams in the public space is required. In particular, from 22:00 o'clock to keep calm. The residents want to enjoy their well-deserved holiday rest on the Whitsun holidays.

Disregard of rules

In each accommodation there is a 24-hour supervision, whose instructions must be obeyed.

Since we have received more and more complaints from the schools in recent years, we point out that a disregard of the o.g. Rules for IMMEDIATE EXCLUSION of the entire team from the tournament and may lead to the retention of the deposit.

Possible accommodations

The accommodations will be located in the Berlin-Zehlendorf district. The exact details can be announced shortly before the start of the tournament.

Accommodations 2024:

J OZS Peter-Lenné Hartmannsweilerweg 29,
14163 Berlin
L Shadowschule Beuckestr. 25,
(entrance Anhaltinerstr.)
14163 Berlin
R Schweizerhofschule Teltower Damm 117
14167 Berlin