Entry fees (per team)

Senior Teams (U22, Sen)
with guest card EUR 180,00
without guest card EUR 300,00

Youth Teams (U12-U18)
with guest card EUR 120,00
without guest card EUR 300,00

Mini Teams
with guest card EUR 100,00
without guest card EUR 200,00

Guest cards (per person)

Guest cards can only be purchased in the tournament management. Lost guest cards will be replaced for a partial reimbursement.

Guest Card A:
Update: Guest tickets A are sold out (as of 20.03.2024).

Services: Eight meals (breakfast on Saturday until lunch on Monday), accommodation (Friday until Monday) in classrooms (subject to availability) or gyms and shuttle service
Fee: 175 €

Guest Card B:

Services: Accommodation (Friday until Monday) in classrooms (subject to availability) or gyms and shutlle service


Fee: 75 €


Game operation deposit

For the game operation we charge a deposit of 50 € (U12-U18) or 100 € (U20-Sen/O35) per registered team, which must be paid in advance with the registration fee. If the team realizes all its games & courts, the deposit will be returned after the tournament.

Accommodation deposit

We charge a security deposit of 50 € per registered team for the accommodation. This deposit must be paid in cash at check-in and will be refunded at check-out by the caretaker or the property guard.