In the following part you can find an overview of all offered divisions.

Men (mSen)                                  2000 and older

Women (wSen)                             2000 and older

Mixed Seniors (xSen)                   2000 and older

Male Youth U22 (mU22)                2001 or younger

Male Youth U18 (mU18)                2005 or younger

Female Youth U18 (wU18)            2005 or younger

Male Youth U16 (mU16)                2007 or younger

Female Youth U16 (wU16)            2007 or younger

Male Youth U14 (mU14)                2009 or younger

Female Youth U14 (wU14)            2009 or younger

Male Youth U12 (mU12)                2011 or younger

Female Youth U12 (wU12)            2011 or younger

In case of insufficient participant numbers, it is possible that some divisions will be combined.

Tournament organizers expressly reserve the right to conduct age checks. All participants must be in possession of documentation that proves their age.